What are API minor revisions and why should I upgrade to the latest?

When EAN releases new features that require changes to the schema of the API response, a new minor revision is required to ensure that your integration is not affected. In order to benefit from these new features, you must specify the new minor revision in your API request.

The latest stable minor revision is 30. EAN considers minor revisions 24-30 to be stable releases. If your integration uses an older minor revision, update now to obtain the best performance.

EAN encourages all partners to update to the current stable minor revision to take advantage of our latest feature set:

  • 10 additional content elements in hotel details
  • Tax & Fee breakdown
  • GenericRefund added to itinerary response
  • Hotel details granular elements added to hotel info response
  • Optional child element HotelFeeBreakdown added to HotelFee
  • Multi-room price breakdowns

Changes from minorRev 21–30

minorRev Elements added, removed, or moved
30 hotelRatingDisplay added to the hotel info call and hotel list call for Australian properties. This element indicates if the hotelRating is an official rating from the Australian Star Ratings Authority, or a non-official alternate rating. Affects Australian properties and points of sale only.

July 4 2016 New specialCheckInInstructions value added to hotel info, room availability, booking and itinerary responses. This field provides information critical to check-in that may not be provided in the main checkInInstructions field.

Dec 10 2015 – New ValueAdd id attribute added to hotel list and room availability responses. Mapping updates are required – this attribute returns different values than under minor rev 27 and below.

March 2017 – Added highResolutionUrl field for property images in the Room Availability API and Hotel Info API.
Added highResolutionUrl field for room images in the Room Availability API and Room Images API. The additional image size provides the high resolution version of the image but this size may not be available for all images.

March 15 2017 - Geofunctions API deprecated
29 Per-night, per-room pricing returned for multi-room requests via the new ChargeableNightlyRates element added to list, avail, and booking responses. This data allows accurate granular price breakdowns for multi-room bookings.
28 ValueAdds added to the itinerary response, booking response, and API confirmation emails. The ValueAdd id attribute is dropped under this revision.
27 Internal release – no partner code changes required
26 GenericRefund added to itinerary response
25 HotelDetails granular elements added to hotel info response
24 Optional child element HotelFeeBreakdown added to HotelFee
23 Deprecated None, internal fixes
22 Deprecated 2-step booking via includeDetails added to hotel list request
21 Deprecated Support for mobile pricing via promoType added to all responses containing RateInfos