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File Name: HotelImageList.txt
Zip File Name:
  • This file contains image and thumbnail URLs for all properties in the EAN system.
  • Images have default size attributes of 350x350.
  • The DefaultImage bit is set to signify the main image for the property.
  • Typically used as the thumbnail in search results or as the first image to appear in a photo gallery.
EANHotelID int
Caption nvarchar(70)
URL nvarchar(300)
Width int
Height int
ByteSize int
ThumbnailURL nvarchar(300)
DefaultImage bit

To associate an image to  a hotel record, use the following process:

The first query creates a table that has  information for all   hotels. The second query will then pull the images for any given hotel.

Step 1:

  1. Set up a CRON to download this file no less than once per week:

Step 2:

  1. Set up a CRON to download this file no less than once per week:
  2. Once you have the active property list table and the images table, query the images table to get the images for any hotelID or a list of hotelIDs:
SELECT HotelImageList.*, HotelImageList.EANHotelID 
  FROM HotelImageList 
  WHERE (((HotelImageList.EANHotelID)=121463));

To associate the default or main image of all properties, the field "DefaultImage" has a value of 1 (true) or 0 (false).

SELECT HotelImageList.*, HotelImageList.DefaultImage
FROM HotelImageList
WHERE (((HotelImageList.DefaultImage)=1));

Obtain the default image for a specific property:

SELECT HotelImageList.*
FROM HotelImageList
WHERE (((HotelImageList.DefaultImage)=1) AND ((HotelImageList.EANHotelID)=121463));

To obtain property descriptions:

  1. Download
  2. Update tables with fresh data at least weekly.

Associate descriptions for all hotels:

SELECT PropertyDescriptionList.*
FROM PropertyDescriptionList;

Obtain a description for a single hotel:

SELECT PropertyDescriptionList.*
FROM PropertyDescriptionList
WHERE (((PropertyDescriptionList.EANHotelID)=121463));