This API will no longer be available after March 1 2017. Do not use this API for new integrations.

Obtain location data such as a specific destinationId, latitude/longitude coordinates, and the number of active properties available within the location.

You can also acquire a list of searchable landmark names within a location, including museums, schools, sports arenas, neighborhoods, and for some cities, transit stations.

Request Formats
XML Parent Element: <LocationInfoRequest>

Request Parameters

Base Parameters
Name Value Required Description
apiExperience string yes

Use this attribute to identify the origin of your request. Choose an applicable value from the set provided below for each request you send.

PARTNER_CALL_CENTER - request from an agent in your call center
PARTNER_WEBSITE - request from a customer-facing website
PARTNER_MOBILE_WEB - request from a mobile-formatted website
PARTNER_MOBILE_APP - request from a mobile app
PARTNER_BOT_CACHE - request from a cache bot
PARTNER_BOT_REPORTING - request from a reporting bot
PARTNER_AFFILIATE - request from an API/platform that serves your own affiliate base

type string no Use in conjunction with destinationString. Determines the type of destination to return.

Omission defaults the parameter to 1, or city locations, but sending with a value of 2, or landmarks, will return destinationIds for useful in-city locations such as famous buildings, museums, and even transit stations for major cities such asLondon and New York.
destinationString string no A string containing at least a city name. You can also send city and state, city and country, city/state/country, etc.

Some requests for locations in Germany and the UK may erroneously return results in the US or globally - send country codes of DEU and UK rather than DE or GB, respectively, to avoid these issues.
address string no Enter an address to search for latitude/longitude coordinates and valid nearby hotel location(s). Currently works for US addresses only. Must also include city and countryCode.
city string no Specify a city to search for. Must also include stateProvinceCode and countryCode.
stateProvinceCode string no Specify the state to search within. For US, CA, and AU only. Must also include city and countryCode.

US State Codes
Canadian Province/Territory Codes
Australian Province/Territory Codes
  • Australian Capital - AC
  • New South Wales - NW
  • Northern Territory - NO
  • Queensland - QL
  • South Australia - SA
  • Tasmania - TS
  • Victoria - VC
  • Western Australia - WT
countryCode string no Two character ISO-3166 code for the country containing the specified city. Use only country codes designated as "officially assigned" in the ISO-3166 decoding table. Must also include city and stateProvinceCode.
postalCode string no Destination postal code. If used, must be sent with city, stateProvinceCode, and countryCode.
destinationId string no The unique hex key value for a specific city, metropolitan area, or landmark.

Use a value returned in an earlier geo functions request, or from the landmark or destination ID files in the geography section of our database catalog.
ignoreSearchWeight boolean no Setting this parameter to true will return all possible destinations rather than the highest-weighted popular destination.

For example, there are four cities named London in our databases, but a simple destinationString search for "London" will only return the UK location since it is the most popular candidate.

Setting this parameter to true will return the high-weighted UK location as well as info for the cities of London in Ontario, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Omit this parameter if this behavior is not needed for your request.
useGeoCoder boolean no Setting this parameter to true will call upon additional mapping resources in an attempt to return more searchable locations than the standard mapping system.

Using this parameter may result in "empty" locations without any active properties. In these situations, the locations will not include a destinationId. Omit these locations from any future requests.
Returns a list of possible valid locations (cities) for the provided destinationString, or a list of landmarks within a specific city, depending on the type designated in the original request.

Each individual location or landmark is returned with latitude/longitude coordinates and a count of active properties nearby, when available.

Any destinationId returned in this response can be used in any subsequent availability searches. This is the only response that will return a destinationId for a non-city "landmark" location such as a major building or structure (Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower) or a neighborhood or major street (Harlem, The Strand).

Geofunctions Response
Parent Element: LocationInfoResponse
Array Container: LocationInfos
Array Element: LocationInfo
<LocationInfos size="###">
   [First location's info elements]
   [Second location's info elements]

All response content is returned as a LocationInfo array within a LocationInfos container. The number of results returned is indicated by the value of the container's size attribute.

Information for each location or landmark result is contained within an individual LocationInfo element.

LocationInfo Elements
Name Type Description
destinationId string A unique hex identifier for the location. This value is the only way to search for hotels via "landmark" destinations.
active boolean Indicates if the location is active and indexed for availability.
type int Type of location. Note that the additional values returned in the response are not valid for the type parameter in the request.

0: unknown
1: city
2: landmark
3: neighborhood
4: airport
5: address
address string Street address of the location, if address search method was used
city string City name of the location
stateProvinceCode string Code for the state, province, or territory for the location. For US, CA, and AU only.

US State Codes
Canadian Province/Territory Codes
Australian Province/Territory Codes
postalCode string Postal code. Only returned if included in the request (and is known in the database).
countryCode string Two character ISO-3166 code for the country containing the specified city.
countryName string Name of the country.
code string Either returns a code for the location or a city,state,country string, or an airport code. Typically no longer returned.
description string Description of the location. Typically no longer returned.
geoAccuracy int Accuracy of the location provided. Typically returns with 1 unless address search is used.

0: unknown (often when provided address could not be located in the database)
1: exact
2: street
3: zip
4: city
5: state/province
6: country
locationInDestination boolean Indicates if the location is within the originally requested destination. Will return false for results in an area different from but nearby the search center, such as a building in New Jersey if the city of New York was specified in a landmark request.
latitude float Latitude coordinate of the location, in DD.MMmmm format
longitude float Longitude coordinate of the location, in DD.MMmmm format
refLocationMileage float Distance between the location and the search reference location.
referenceLocationCode string Location code for the reference location point
activePropertyCount int Count of properties within the location that are active within our databases. Not an indication of absolute availability since dates are not used for this service.