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What makes it great?

55% lighter
Shop API

25% lighter
Book API

Quick and intuitive, EAN Rapid's modular format allows for versatility to suit your unique travel business.  We’ve also introduced some enhanced capabilities such as:

1. Hold & Resume

Best suited for retail organizations or online-travel agencies who follow dynamic booking paths, we’re introducing the ability to hold a rate whilst you finalize other aspects of a traveler booking. After which, you’ll then simply resume, and complete your hotel booking with EAN. Have a multi-room booking that requires different room or stay types? This feature will also enhance and make multi-room bookings easier and faster.

2. Hotel Collect Deposits

You’ll not only get access to an additional 20k properties, but travelers will have more choice and flexibility in how they pay. We’ll provide them with the ability to leave a deposit and pay the remaining balance at time of check-in. 

3. Test bookings

We’re focused on providing you with robust test-functionality as well as enhanced error resolution technology, so you have confidence in both your integration and its efficiency.

4. Notifications

We know changes can happen, but keeping you informed and aware is where the real importance lies. Through notifications, we’ll keep you up-to-date on post-booking changes as they take place, fast.

5. Marketing Fee

Benefit from visibility on your potential owed earnings for each booking via the API. So, you’ll be able to make more informed business decisions.

What’s more, we’ll be changing the way in which we make enhancements, introduce new features and how we keep you updated.

To make integrations easier, we plan to let you know what enhancements you should expect, and when, with fixed release schedules
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