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May 02, 2018 Version 2.1 All APIs

EAN Rapid 2.1 - Changelog

Rapid 2.1 Updates & Additions

General Updates & Additions:

  • Itinerary retrieval by affiliate_reference_id now supported
    • Notifications Service returns affiliate_reference_id as part of booking event notifications
  • arrival and departure have been renamed to checkin and checkout, respectively
  • bed_groups.configuration.count has been renamed to bed_groups.configuration.quantity
  • Notifications Service supports retrieval of expired or undelivered messages up to 4 weeks old

Rate & Charge-Related Changes:

  • Net rates may now be requested in your Shop calls for enabled accounts
    • Use the newrate_option field with the value net_rates to request rates
    • The Shop response will return properties with new value minimum_selling_price to indicate the minimum selling price allowed for each property. Net rates are available by permission only - ask your account manager for more details.
  • Members-only deals, also known as Closed User Group deals (CUG) may now be requested in your Shop calls
    • Use the newrate_option field with the valueclosed_user_group to request rates
    • Request these rates to indicate a "logged-in user" shopping scenario – ask your account manager for more details.
  • Potential cancellation charges are now returned in the itinerary retrieval response
    • Data is returned in the new fields refundable and cancel_refund
    • These are the actual charges due if the booking is cancelled, not estimates. Both fully- and partially-refundable bookings are supported.
  • Jurisdictional sales taxes, e.g. those charged by New York and Washington D.C, are now supported and detailed in all EAN Rapid 2.1 shopping, booking, and retrieval responses
    • These values will return assales_tax in the nightly and stay arrays

Content & Geography Improvements & Additions:

  • Business model (Expedia collect vs property collect) added to Property Catalog file, Property Content file and Property Content API
  • Preferred airport added to Property Content file and Property Content API
    • Augments the Airport APIs included in EAN Rapid 2.1
  • New date object in the Property Catalog file, Property Content file and Property Content API adds a new updated value and renames date entered to date added. Both values are contained within the new object.
    • Example: "dates":{"added":"1998-07-20T05:00:00.000Z","updated":"2018-03-22T13:33:17.000Z"}
  • Individual attributes for general policies, property attributes and pet policies added to Property Content file and Property Content API
    • Use these attributes as data points for filters against pet-only properties, hotels with a business center, 24-hour checkin, etc.
  • Property registry_number added to Property Content file and Property Content API
  • 13 new languages added to Property Content file and Property Content API
  • 33 languages added to Property Catalog file (Rapid 2.0 offers only an English catalog file)
  • New standard option for the Region Descendants API to return only metadata and the basic hierarchy of each region

EAN Rapid 2.1 Schemas

Rapid 2.1 schemas are now fully functional under the /2.1/ base path for production and test endpoints. Please review the individual API pages and/or downloadable schemas before testing.

EAN Rapid Content 2.1

This section outlines the API call available to you to access EAN’s property content.

EAN Rapid Geography 2.1

The EAN Geography APIs provide you with access to geographic definitions and property mappings for over 550,000 regions and airports.

EAN Rapid Shopping 2.1

The EAN Shopping API provides you with access to live rates and availability for over 400,000 accommodations globally.

EAN Rapid Booking 2.1

The EAN Booking API allows you to book rooms & rates confirmed by the price check response

EAN Rapid Manage Booking 2.1

Discover how to use the Retrieve and Cancel API calls to manage existing itineraries.

New Release - EAN Rapid 2.1

EAN Rapid 2.1 has been fully released to production! Find out what's new or see our changelog details to get started. Rapid 2.0 documentation is still available via the version drop-down menu in the upper right corner of each doc page.