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EAN Rapid Booking 2.0Version 2

The EAN Booking API allows you to book rooms & rates confirmed by the price check response

EAN Rapid 2.1 has been released! 

Use the menu above to switch to Version 2.1 documentation, or see our changelog

The primary itinerary method of the Booking API creates a reservation for the selected hotel, room, rate and occupancy. Payment information, including billing/cardholder contact information, is provided directly within the request. 

Each successful booking response contains links to retrieve the itinerary or cancel a room: see our Manage Booking section for documentation.

To make a multi-room booking (same room type), you must first make a Shop request and pass a separate occupancy parameter for each room. Then in the Book request, include corresponding separate instances of room in the rooms array for
each room you wish to book.

To hold inventory for a brief duration before completing a booking (e.g. to build a package), refer to our Hold and Resume documentation.

To make a test booking that will not charge your card or be sent to the hotel, see our Test Request documentation.

Important Notes

  • The booking link from your previous Price Check response expires after a short period. If you receive an HTTP 503 error upon your first attempt, the link has likely expired. Obtain a new link and attempt your booking again.

Download the Swagger description of the Booking API or a full description containing all APIs

New Release - EAN Rapid 2.1

EAN Rapid 2.1 has been fully released to production! Find out what's new or see our changelog details to get started. Rapid 2.0 documentation is still available via the version drop-down menu in the upper right corner of each doc page.