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Amenities represent the features or services available to guests.

In the Rapid Content API, we provide both the id and localized name of the amenity within the amenities object. Amenities are available at the property, room, and rate plan level and are complimentary unless a surcharge or restriction is specified.

This page details all amenities currently returned by the Content API. The downloadable amenity lists are updated as amenities are added or removed. The lists are only available in English as a reference. Some amenity names will include property-specific values when returned in the API such as "Total number of rooms - 148". Use the localized names provided in the API for display purposes.

Rate Plan Amenity Example

"207967676": { "id": "207967676", "amenities": { "2103": { "id": 2103, "name": "Continental Breakfast" }, "2109": { "id": 2109, "name": "Free Parking" }, "2192": { "id": 2192, "name": "Free Wireless Internet" } } },

Property Amenities

Property amenities are available to all guests. Download the list of property amenities.

Room Amenities

Room amenities are applicable only to the associated room. Download the list of room amenities.

Rate Plan Amenities

Rate plan amenities are applicable only to the associated rate plan. Download the list of rate plan amenities.

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