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Region Types

Geography is categorized by region types.

In the Rapid Geography APIs, regions are categorized by the geographic entity represented. This page details the type values provided by the APIs.

continentLarge landmasses such as Europe, Asia, South America. Refer to the top level regions for the list of continents.
countryNation states such as United States of America, Australia, Germany. Countries are defined in the geographical sense, not necessarily in the political sense. For example, Guadeloupe is a French department in the Caribbean. This region is politically French, but its own geographical entity. Refer to the top level regions for the list of countries.
province_stateHighest level administrative area within a country such as the state of California.
high_level_regionTouristic regions such as High Rhine in Germany or Wine Country in California. Also includes lower level administrative areas such as counties and departments within a country.
multi_city_vicinityLarger metropolitan areas containing a primary city and its surrounding suburbs, such as Cairo and its vicinity. Their polygon boundaries are loosely defined based on touristic value.
cityUrban areas such as Bellevue, Washington. A city may exist for larger metropolitan areas such as London. In this case, the city will cover a smaller area than the equivalent multi_city_vicinity, e.g. "London (and vicinity)". Every hotel which is contracted by Expedia must be linked to a city, since this is our fundamental unit of geographical coverage. City polygon boundaries are defined based on official administrative sources.
neighborhoodGeographical areas smaller than a city, such as Old Town in Bonn, Germany. Neighborhood polygon boundaries are based on touristic value, not administrative definitions.
point_of_interestLocations such as museums, convention centers, beaches and parks. This list goes beyond the obvious tourist attractions to cover a very wide range of places, such as Shanghai Exhibition Center, Texas State Capitol or Prague Zoo.
train_stationTrain stations such as Grand Central Station in New York.
metro_stationMetro stations such as Avtovo Station in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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