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TripAdvisorAll Versions

TripAdvisor guest ratings and review counts are available to partners, free of charge.

To feature TripAdvisor ratings and review counts on your site, you must first integrate the TripAdvisor elements, following all usage and display requirements outlined in the guideline document. EAN will onboard partners who agree to comply with the TripAdvisor guidelines.

TripAdvisor reserves the right to withhold or remove access to the TripAdvisor content, even after authorization is approved, at any time.

TripAdvisor Content

In the Rapid Content API, we provide property ratings and TripAdvisor ratings in the ratings object. The tripadvisor object within the ratings object includes three values:

  • rating - TripAdvisor rating for the property. Returns a value between0.0 and 5.0.
  • count - Number of TripAdvisor guest reviews for the property.
  • links -  Corresponding rating_image information including the retrieval method (always GET) and the rating image href for the rating. Display of the rating image is required per TripAdvisor's contract.

TripAdvisor content is updated weekly so the values in the API may not exactly match what you see on the TripAdvisor website.


New Release - EAN Rapid 2.1

EAN Rapid 2.1 has been fully released to production! Find out what's new or see our changelog details to get started. Rapid 2.0 documentation is still available via the version drop-down menu in the upper right corner of each doc page.