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Rapid for Partners WAPB3 Generator

This tool allows you to easily generate WAPB3 parameters to ensure you correctly tag your link placements. 

The full URL of the link you want to tag

This should be the same for all of your placements



The source of traffic (e.g. Widget, Email, Site, Social, App)

More detail regarding the specific placement (e.g. homepage, confirmation_email, facebook_promo)


Parameter Descriptions

Paramenter Description


The CID to be used for link placements. Once a particular CID has been established, you must use the same CID for all placements.

Example: 550125


Identifies your customer's country and the nationality of the Point of Sale used for booking.

Examples: en_US, fr_FR, sv_SE, en_CA, no_NO


Used to define the traffic source of your placement.

Example: Widget, Email, Site, Social, App


An additional parameter that adds more granularity to the placement value. For example, you might use this value to describe the location of the link on your site. Or, you could use it to describe the email campaign containing the link, or the social media platform containing the link.

Example: For Site: homepage, deals

Example: For Email: confirmation, jan_campaign

Example: For Social: Facebook, Twitter, FB_promo

Example: For Widget: CP, MB


Link from a January email campaign:

  • wapb3=|c.550125|l.en_US||s.jan_campaign

Link from the homepage of your site:

  • wapb3=|c.550125|l.sv_SE||s.homepage

Link from the navigation menu on your site:

  • wapb3=|c.550125|l.en_CA||

Link from a promo running on Facebook

  • wapb3=|c.550125|l.en_US||s.FB_promo

How should the parameter look in your URL?

Always append your WAPB3 parameters to the end of your URL string. Avoid placing the &wapb3=… string before other URL parameters.

Example: Deep link into the search results page Vegas, Nevada, United States of America&q-check-in=2018-01-26&q-check-out=2018-01-27&q-rooms=1&q-room-0-adults=2&q-room-0-children=0&wapb3=|c.550125|l.en_US||s.jan_campaign

Example: Deep link into the homepage|c.550125|l.en_US||s.jan_campaign